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Digital Asset Management Conference, March 2-3, 2011

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Digital Asset Management Conference, March 2-3, 2011

By Creataspher, Universal City, California

Here is a brief report on my initial thoughts on the Createaspher digital asset management conference which I attended March 2-3. The conference was attended by vendors, end users and consultants operating in the DAM market. Being hosted at the doorstep of Hollywood many of the companies are obviously working in the movie industry.
Compared to the familiar and mature CMS market, the DAM market feels less mature and more fragmented. Most players and the market as a whole are smaller than we are used to in the CMS market. This can be observed by many end users that are uncertain on how to utilize their systems and assets as well as the broad spectra of different vendors that are promoting general DAM systems as well as more specialized solutions for archiving and storage.

Here is my attempt to try catching some trends on the DAM market:

  • Today many CMS vendors claim to have DAM capabilities, though in reality they are just offering a simple file manager. In the coming years we will probable see that DAM will in many cases be merged into the CMS systems. This will probably also be the case in other areas where the DAM will be merged into products used in the creative process, and in the end will probably not exist as standalone systems. DAM will be a natural part of how we work. Actually most people are using systems that have DAM look-alike capabilities today without knowing. Facebook is a great example.
  • Facebook is also a good example of another trend, in that it is a web based service. New and innovative web based services that offers new ways of working with digital assets will put pressure on the more established vendors.
  • DAM is actually going from something that could add value or create new opportunities to being a fundamental condition for many companies today. In many cases it is required just to be able to be competitive in the market.

To wrap up I will just emphasize on the one thing that has been the guiding star in almost all the session here. Meta data! This is what turns your photos, videos and whatever into an asset that can actually be used and managed.


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