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Development of ImageVault 3.5

Skrivet av Oskar Madestam den 23 februari 2011 ImageVault, EPiServer 0 kommentarer

ImageVault is and has always been using a third part component for all its image operations. We have used the same component from the start and only upgraded to newer versions of it, and it has helped us a lot but it has also caused a few problems with its unstable COM components. So for version 3.5 of ImageVault we decided to abandon it and look for a new component.

We evaluated three different components before deciding. We compared their performance, image quality, installation procedure and developer friendliness. And it was LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro that came out on top. It is a widely used component that offers fast and stable image conversions with great quality and it will be used for all image operations in ImageVault 3.5. The aim is to make this version the fastest and most stable version of ImageVault to date.

We have already started the transition to Imaging Pro and it is included in the latest versions of ImageVault where it’s used for some of the image effects. It has given us feedback that we have taken with us in the development of version 3.5. We are also planning to release a beta version to selected partners to help us get more feedback and to get a chance to sort out any problems before we go live.

If you want to know more about ImageVault 3.5 or if you want to take part in the beta testing you are welcome to contact us.


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