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Part 1 - Install and configure ImageVault

Skrivet av Marcus Lindblom den 11 januari 2011 ImageVault, EPiServer 0 kommentarer

Install the Springshield demo templates

To get started with this series we need to install the Springshield demo templates. Download the templates from Codeplex, then take a look in the readme.txt for detailed instructions on how to install the templates.

Order a new ImageVault license

To be able to download your ImageVault license you need to be a registered user on, if you're not please use the form and sign up!

When your registration is completed and your account has been approved, use your account details and login. Proceed to the parter section located in top navigation and then select new licens. Follow the instructions and sign up for a free developer license.

After the form has been submited we will instantly send you the license via email. Put the license file in the root catalog of your web application and proceed to the next step.

Download and install ImageVault

The next step is to download and install ImageVault, visit ImageVault product page and click on the tab Files & documents. Download the appropriate version and follow the installation manual to complete your installation.

Configure ImageVault

Now it's time to make some easy configuration changes on our existing site, open web.config and look for the se.meridium.epiServer.extensions section and add the names of the groups with editor and admin access to ImageVault configuration node.

ImageVault configuration section

In EPiServer edit mode, navigate to the ImageVault tab, then Open ImageVault and choose the administration tab and select the Root album.

Album structure

thereafter Set Editor Rights for Album. Add the editor and admin groups you previously added to web.config and select Add recursive. Now it's time to add the groups that should be allowed to upload images to ImageVault, in our case we just add the same groups we just added to the root album.

Set editor rights for album

To be sure that we configured everything correct, navigate to the images tab in ImageVault and upload one image.

Now we are ready to use ImageVault and start buildning templates.


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