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Create an EPiServer site using ImageVault

Skrivet av Marcus Lindblom den 10 januari 2011 ImageVault, EPiServer 3 kommentarer

In this blog post series we will use Springshield as base for all examples. Springshield is an open source template package wich can be downloaded from Codeplex. The series will contain six parts including this one. These posts is mostly for new ImageVault developers and will not hold such a high technical level.

Part 1

In this post, we will go through the steps of ordering a licens, download, install and configure ImageVault to work with the Springshield demo templates.

Part 2

In this post, we will change all image properties to ImageVault properties and make some minor changes to the page templates.

Part 3

In this post, we will create an image gallery with a large preview of the images.

Part 4

In this post, we will create a page template with support for uploading an image.

Part 5

In this post, we will create a simple image slider based on images selected by the editor. 


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